New Zealand

It is considered a short hop if you are Australian but after three hours in a tropical thunderstorm we were all relieved when we finally touched down in Christchurch... 

Felton Road NZ 072.jpg


Our first stop was Chard Farm, where famously one of the Lord of the Rings trilogies was filmed. The wines were incredible and what amazed me was the variety of different flavours from wines made using the same grape and grown just a couple of kilometres apart. We then visited Two Paddocks, an organic vineyard owned by Sam Neill in Central Otago, and Felton Road, sitting in the heart of the old gold mining territories. Winemaking is now much more scientific yet for the artisans time seems to have stood still. Things haven’t changed much either within modern wine making families except nowadays both the girls and boys have to muck in from an early age and get their hands dirty. What’s your lasting impression? – see the New Zealand Clips below.


Felton Road NZ 009.jpg